Cell Phone Car Charger Was the Last Piece of the Puzzle for Me

I have worked as a freelance sports writer for the past six years, and I have done a lot of traveling in that time. I generally work with a photographer, who is also my best friend, and I like to try to get interviews done from the road when I can.

I live in the state of Texas, so many times I have to drive several hours for playoff games, and that means that, eventually, my cell phone battery runs low and I have to pack it in. With my cell phone car charger, however, all of that changed and found that I could get a lot more work done from the road.

I have always been kind of a regular at Radio Shack, and I was talking to a guy that works there one day about the problem I was having. I told him that on most trips, I would ride I passenger so that I could interview people by phone and take notes, but that on some of the longer trips, my cell phone battery would run low and I had to stop working.

He was the one that first told me about the cell phone car charger. It was not very expensive and I already had everything else that I need to work from the road, so I figured this could be the last piece of the puzzle for me. As it turned out, it was.

My first opportunity that I had to use the cell phone car charger came on a trip to San Antonio. I had been on my cell for a few hours when I looked down and noticed that I just had one bar left. I plugged the charger into the lighter socket and watched as the screen flashed on to show me that it was charging. We drove for about another hour and it was charged, so I took it off of the charger and got right back to work.

Another great thing about the cell phone car charger is that you can still use the phone when it is plugged in. I had a number of calls out on a trip to El Paso, and the cell phone battery was running low. I plugged it in, and almost immediately got a phone call from one of the coaches I had been trying to reach. I knew I did not have enough power to conduct a whole interview if I took it off the charger, so I decided to leave it on, and it worked just fine.

The cell phone car charger turned out to be one of the best investments I have ever made for work, and has allowed me to get a lot more done on the road. I would recommend one for anybody that has to travel a lot and use their cell phone extensively.