How to Get the Best Portable DVD Player

With the explosion of the DVD format in the year 2000, DVD players have emerged as the main centers of entertainment. DVD players can in all shapes, colors, sizes and designs. They can be single-disc players, DVD-audio players, changers and a whole combination of DVD/VCR/Blu Ray. With the ability to store 133 minutes of video per side, DVD portable players have also become the target of choice for those who do not want to leave behind the vast collection of movies or music while on the road. What though are some of the features you should expect from some of the best portable DVD players on the market today?

For one, DVD players and changers that are being manufactured today come with routing features for Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 audio that can be redirected to a home theater receiver. This means that no matter where you go, you can always enjoy a full surround sound while watching a movie with your portable player. In addition to handling audio, portable players do more than just read DVDs. Some of the best portable DVD players on the market today can handle MP3, DVD-RAM, DVD+R/RW and VCD formats. The ability to high-resolution varieties of different formats should be one features you ought to take note of.

Portable players generally tend to be cheaper. This is because they will have less features than, say a DVD mega changer. However, this should not worry you. The best portable DVD player will never have all the features that can be contained in a player. It is both impractical and uneconomical. While shopping for a DVD player, use the same rules that you would if you were shopping for a cell phone. Look for the features that you are likely to take advantage of and you will most likely get a player with those features.

The best portable DVD player on the market is one that is cheap, compatible with as many formats as possible, has a small, sleek design and can be connected with other devices to take advantage of in-built sound and video features. Thousands of reviews can be found online that can also help you make the right decision when it comes to portable DVD players. The above guidelines however can help you make the right decision if you want to get the best portable DVD player that money has to offer.