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Computer AntiVirus Software

Probably the most useful invention of the twentieth century is the computer. Although some may argue otherwise, it is certainly up there with the best of them. Just consider for a minute everything computers accomplish on a daily basis. It is truly phenomenal. If they were suddenly gone, the world as we know it would be completely different, and far less advanced in so many ways. More than likely you utilize personal computers in your home on a daily basis for numerous things. Therefore these nifty little machines are certainly an imperative tool in your everyday life. This is where computer anti virus software comes in.

The question is; have you ever had a virus on your computer? If you are like most people, your PC has been infected by a Trojan horse or corrupted file at some point or another. This is utterly annoying, and it can really affect your daily computer routines/tasks in a major way. Suddenly your computer runs slow, and simply procedures turn into long, drawn out processes. This is what viruses and spyware do to countless computers every day. Therefore computer anti virus software is imperative. Once you install it on your PC, it can keep your machine updated with the latest protection against spyware and harmful viruses.

A few helpful websites you should consider looking into are,, an All of these sites will assist you with computer anti virus software and firewalls. The key is certainly to download the software before you have issues with your PC. Naturally this is not always how it plays out. Fortunately there is anti virus software for computers that can address spam, spyware and viruses that are already infecting your desktop of notebook computer. After you install the software, you essentially allow it to scan your entire hard drive for problems and infections.

The alternative to computer anti virus software is unthinkable. Basically your computer will be destroyed over time if you let this go. Not to mention it will run slowly, and annoy you to no end. Moreover, your personal information, passwords, files, and data can be at risk if you fail to use firewalls and anti-virus software. These simple programs are the way to protect your personal data and accounts. Take some time to see what all is available today in regards to computer anti virus software upgrades. One of these products is sure to be right for your system. Just remember; it is better to get anti-virus protection now. If you think it is necessary, you can always have a professional software technician take a look at your computer if it is having major issues. They may have to clean up your hard drive right away in order to prevent damage to your PC.



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What to do With Your Photoshop Free Download?

Once you go to a torrent site and pick up your free (but illegal) copy of Photoshop CS what should you do next? You will have no tutorial so you will try and wing it, but unless you have worked in Photoshop before, this will be no easy task. Photoshop is not as intuitive as other, easier to use photo manipulation software such as the free ones that you can get online, or ones that come bundled with most computers such as Corel, for example.

Your Photoshop free download will be no walk in the park but it does not have to be completely incomprehensible and you can learn how to use Photoshop CS, you just need the right direction and some patience.

The best way to learn Photoshop is to take a hands-on course at a local art school such as the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  There you can really use all of the tools in your Photoshop free download to their best advantage because you will be getting one on one live instruction and this is by far the best method of learning. It is also prohibitively expensive at $750 per unit so unless you have a rich uncle or have somehow managed to get financial aid or some sort of Pell grant, you may not be able to afford this option.

Option number two to finally use your Photoshop free download and all the bells and whistles it comes with is to pick up one of the many useful tutorial books that you can find at any bookshop. Books such as Photoshop CS for Idiots or Dummies (although that is a derogatory term and I prefer to think of myself as Special) will take you step by tedious step into the world of photo collage, retouching, design, and all the other tens of millions of fun and beautiful things you can create with Photoshop. That is why Photoshop and your Photoshop free download are so darn valuable. They smoke the competition (there isnít any really) and you just have to have Photoshop in order to design anything these days. These books are not too expensive and usually come with tutorial disks.

The last option is by far the cheapest but also the hardest to use and that is an online tutorial or learning guide to your Photoshop free download. You can get these by doing a Google search for ìPhotoshop free online tutorialî and you will get dozens of results.Just make sure that you are careful and screen for viruses on your Photoshop free download before you click on it. There are several Trojan viruses out there that originate from these downloads and they can be very nasty and hard to get rid of.

So go ahead and download then get ready to enjoy the world of Photoshop.

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Java Programming

A Look at Java Programming. Java is an object-oriented programming language that is modeled after C++. However the advantage that Java has over other programming languages is the fact that it is designed to be small, portable and robust, making it accessible from many different platforms and operating systems.

On the web, Java applications called applets can be created to be dynamic and interactive and can be embedded on a web page where users can use a Java-enabled browser ( most browsers these days are Java enabled)  to download and execute the Java code. Java programming however does not need to a browser. Programmers can create full-fledged application programs using Java to solve the same programming problems found in languages like C, C++ and Visual Basic.

As mentioned, Java is platform-independent. This means that once a program has been written in Java and compiled, it can be run on any machine that supports Java. By platform, we mean a processor. Java programming is also object-oriented in the sense that it enables the creation of flexible modular programs that provide system input and output capabilities as well as other utility functions. In fact, the object classes in Java provide a rich set of functionality that can be used for your programming needs.

Java programming is easy to learn since the original goals of Java were to create a language that is small and robust and one that avoids the pitfalls of other complex languages. Such things as memory management in Java and use of pointers and pointer arithmetic are not necessary. If you have used a high-level language like C++, Java programming will seem quite familiar.

Java programming involves the use of different self-contained components called objects each of which has a specific role. All you do is define how these elements interact without the need of knowing how the interaction occurs. All programmers do is take the objects and plug the together into working applications. Component software like JavaBeans make the process even easier.

Here users can access software components as working entities and link them together creating large custom applications.  It can thus be said that while object-oriented programming has brought the object-oriented software revolution for programmers, software components like JavaBeans have brought Java programming revolution to everyone. Once a person understand the concept of object oriented programming and how it is modeled on the real world, Java programming will take on a much easier approach.

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Network security

A secure network for a small business is no small matter, so what’s to be done?

Small businesses normally have a small network staff, perhaps a well-rounded computer person who seems to know about every aspect of computing and networks, someone to whom you can entrust your system, and your network security. If you’re such a person, or in charge of such a person or small IT staff, you’ll want to be certain that your network is truly protected.

The reasons are obvious: information theft and software corruption. This is especially important if your systems are exposed to the internet, which, of course, most are. There is an abundance of infiltrators out there trying to get into your data, maybe into your accounting system or bank accounts. Then there’s the possibility of identity theft, the theft of your employees social security numbers, for instance. These infiltrators are ingenious and are constantly seeking new ways to get in.

They know that a small business, probably not having a person or unit solely dedicated to network security, is the easier target among businesses. They know that most small businesses buy ready-made network systems, systems that you or your staff may be competent to install, but not necessarily competent to secure. A small business is prime pickings.

Networked systems out-of-the-box will claim security is guaranteed because getting into the system requires a password. Did you know that there are programs that can figure out your passwords?

These run at terrific speeds, trying every possible combination of characters, starting with those most often used. Your best bet is to enforce a password policy that requires some odd combination of characters. For instance, you could require all passwords to have at least one numeral in them.

You could also require lengthy passwords. These take a lot longer to crack. There is also the normal protection of allowing a user only three tries before breaking connection. The cracker has to keep re-connecting to try new combinations. It’s a good policy if you want passwords an be and effective network security technique.

A common security hole in small businesses is the trust you must place in your employees. Sure, they’re okay when you’re paying them, but after they leave, well, watch out for some of them at least. Security is constantly compromised by ex-employees who have taken passwords with them. They are able to get into your systems in a variety of ways, or they can simply let others know how to get into them. When an employee leaves, as that employee is walking out the door, this access should be stopped, his passwords changed, or his account(s) removed. Don’t forget to cut off email access as well.

Small business network security also means that you’ve configured your systems when they are installed. Most out-of-the-package systems come with all doors open, especially firewalls. Be forward-looking: to hire a systems person who has a good knowledge of firewalls. Don’t trust the vendors assurance. Close those doors.

Also, make sure you, or your staff, is doing everything to prevent virus infection. It’s an epidemic! About 1200 new ones come up every month; your installed anti-virus software may not recognize them. Keep anti-virus software up to date, limit downloading, and layer your security so that each layer, network and LAN, email and individual workstations, have anti-virus software.

Because network security is so important to your business, and there are other considerations, strategies, and techniques to secure your network, perhaps the best approach is to find a good network security consultant, have them study out your systems, and provide recommendations. They may be worth the cost, but if they’re any good, you’ll never know it, because you wont have a security breach. Ironic.

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Best free software

Free Software is better than whatever!
What’s better than free? Free love, free food, free land, and, best of all, free software. There’s free and then there’s the best free. That’s what you’re after when bringing software into your system, the best free software possible.
This software will simply and perfectly perform the functions you expect it to perform, what it claims it will perform. These functions might be part of the critical operations of your system as used by you, functions you often have to perform to get your work done. If free software cannot realize the functions you expected from it, it’s really free junkware and should be avoided.

Of course, if it’s free, you save money. The nice thing about free software is that you can test it without purchasing and discarded it if it fails to work without feeling the bite because, well, it’s free. For you, a positive indicator that the software will prove reliable is the availability and extent of software support. The best free software will always provide product support. This is good news for engineers, programmers, data base managers, all who fear free software will take away their jobs: all will continue to have valid roles in the method of intelligent human control of automated systems. The ship will require its crew.

Justly reciprocating, the free software creator will give it a life of it’s own; it will become, like an Adobe, or a Firefox, that is, an honorable, free, standards-based software package with pride of position, first in support, dedicated to solving the problem rather than fixing the blame. If it’s that good, maybe the provider might ask for voluntary donations.

The best source for information on free software is the world renown PC Magazine. This magazine has been the premier source for all things PC since the PC hit the markets. In one of their compilations of best free software, they determined that if you bought the same software they listed as free, you would be paying about $5,183 for the complete set. That’s a couple of new desktops at today’s prices, and some fancy laptops too. The smart money is on seeking the best free software before paying for what might in fact be the worst.

The all time greatest free software packages are well known and ubiquitous. You can expect to find Adobe Reader, for instance, on nearly ever PC you come across. It’s PDF format is a standard web document format, and with the plugin, you can use the reader in your browser and take Adobe to new heights.
Of course, for top quality, best free software for the office, no other can compete with OpenOffice. Many prefer it to Microsoft’s equivalent office suite. It has a professional word processor with all the capabilities you expect out of a commercially viable writer, a sophisticated spreadsheet, a graphics designer, a presentation tool to rival Microsoft’s ìPowerpointî, and a data base package to rival its ìMS Accessî database. There’s everything there for a new or small business and the savings are astounding.

That’s just a few of the free software out there. PC Magazine can tell you all about it.

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Sun Java 2 has everything you need for an enterprise level business.

Java is an object oriented programming language invented by Sun Micro Systems Inc. in the early 1980s. At that time, the virtues of object oriented design and development was just emerging in the computer field while the Internet was taking hold of the imagination of the world.

Java was originally designed to create programs that could be run within a browser, for such applications as games, utilities, and more highly functional programs that simple HTML with a scripting language such as Javascript could not adequately represent. Recognizing its edge in the area of browser contained programs, Sun Micro Systems went full force into developing a complete set of supporting libraries that would reduce programming effort time and enable distributed processing, a capacity that was now possible with the prevalence of the Internet. The result was a package of Java program libraries that would cover the entire spectrum of needs for distributed, networked data processing. The recent results is the Sun Java 2 Enterprise Edition.

Java runs in what is called a virtual machine. This virtual machine appears like a computer machine. It accepts Java coded instructions, segments memory, creates a stack on which instructions reside, and uses a virtual processor to execute these instructions.

The virtual machine is actually an interpreter written for a specific processor. As long as a machine has the interpreter, it can execute any Java program. This means a Java program will run on an Apple in the same way that it would run on a PC or a Sun workstation, making the program portable across systems.

All modules of Sun Java 2 are placed into libraries. Each library will contain related programs and functions. For instance, Sun Java 2 comes with the basic core programs for arithmetic and string operations, file operations, graphics handling and networking.

In addition, libraries are provided with programs to handle audio, images, applets (programs that must be run in a browser). All these programs provide mostly everything you’ll need to write a functional program, such as a general journal, a customer maintenance program, a products catalog program. With the use of its network modules, you can distribute your programs among different machines, such that, for instance, the general ledger is maintained by one server while the general journal is maintained by another, the two communicating over a network.

Sun Java 2 is a perfect solution for your business and it is an enterprise level system because it provides for this distribution while addressing the needs that arise from using a distributed configuration. It comes with libraries for security, for management, for deployment, for messaging, for transactional integrity across multiple systems involved in a single transaction, for logging, and for data base access. It provides a packaging strategy to group applications and a security mechanism for assuring integrity of code and data.

Sun Java 2 is a complete software development system that can be used with one of a number of software development environments. Sun provides its own NetBeans product for development of enterprise level application, while IBM and BEA have also devised development environments based on Java 2. Sun also provides a free reference administration tool to manage an enterprise using the system.

What’s nice about this software system is that it’s all free! You can download everything you need from Sun, even its administration tool. This is the best place to start, to get a feel for it. After some testing, we’re sure you’ll find the Sun Java 2 Enterprise Edition everything you’ve ever wanted out of a software package designed to do enterprise level business.  Give it a download now!

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