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Don’t lose revenue by marring your blog with annoying ads.

As well as a means of expression, blogs are also a means of revenue. Click through revenue is the surest source of income for a blog site, but if the blog ads are annoying, you might not only lose money, but a reader who might have, at some other time, clicked on one of your revenue generating ads. Keep your reader coming back. If she doesn’t find an ad on your page that strikes her interest now, that doesn’t mean she wont find one later. The greatest offense you can commit against your own interest is to turn a dedicated reader off with those wretched, impertinent, annoying blog ads.

So, what kind of ads will so annoy a visitor that she will click the previous button to get out of your blog? A while back, ìPC Magazineî did some research on such ads. Things haven’t changed much. What annoyed people then, unsurprisingly, annoys them still today. Here, in capsule form, is a short list of what ads most annoyed web cruisers and provoked them to get out of the page, away from the site, and never come back again.

1.Animation is fine, if you make it a very minor part of your page, but those billboard, neon flashing, blink and wink ads simply distracts the reader, sometimes to the point where they are not able to read what you’ve taken such careful pains to say. Art, think art, think subtly, think blinking eyes, shaking head and a groping for the first way out. Sure, they catch your attention, but that’s just the problem. Readers want to attend to the words on the blog. If you must animate, think small, one letter, a little light, but that’s more than enough.

2.Just as nobody likes flashing lights in their eyes, nobody likes thunder in their ears. Audio probably has no place in blog ads. First, its too expensive in terms of downloading. The page hangs, plugins are needed, and your reader really wanted only to read what you had to say, not come up to the latest download. Unless you’re selling sound, stay away from these.

3.They’re everywhere, floating ads that just, well, float. They float up, they float down, they float across your screen like bugs. Try to close one of these suckers if you can. It’s impossible. Stand still!

4.You’ve gone to far when you’ve finally allowed a video blog ad to appear. Hey, if I wanted a movie, I’d watch television. No, don’t use these or you’re sure to find your numbers down, way down.

These are just a few cautions. There are more. The best you can do is to think as an artist thinks when you lay out your blog page and blog ads: everything in its proper place, in pleasing proportion, in balance. If you chose your ads carefully, with regard to the sensibilities of your reader, if you are considerate of their sensibilities, your page will not only be a source of information, but what’s as important to you, a source of income. Moderation will stand you in good stead when it comes to your blog ads.

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Ringtones for Cell Phones

Ringtones for Cell Phones Can Be a Lot of Fun!

Something that I like to do in my free time is go my cell phone provider’s web site and look at the various ringtones that they offer. There are literally thousands to choose from, and they have some very unique ones that you can pick. I have found that choosing ringtones for cell phones can be a lot of fun.

The very first ringtone that I ever had was a movement from the Modest Mussorgsky work, Pictures at an Exhibition. I am a great lover of classical music and found this piece to be very grandiose. The main thing I was looking for when I decided to choose a ringtone was that I could hear it very clearly in a noisy environment, and with this piece, I was certainly able to do just that.

After a few months, I was in the mood for something different, and decided to see what else was available in the way of ringtones for cell phones. I found the song Jump Around by House of Pain. As an Irish-American, I have always thought this song was cool, so I went ahead and ordered it, but I quickly realized that it was not very professional-sounding.

I kept looking, and eventually found the Monday Night Football theme song, which was great for me as a freelance sports writer. The only problem there was that I would be in the press box at a football game and my cell phone would go off, and the sound technician would think he had accidentally set off something.

I found some other ringtones for cell phones that I thought were interesting, but that really upset some other people. For instance, I found the Aggie War Hymn, the Texas A&M fight song to put on my phone as a ringtone. One night when I went to a game, I just so happened to be with four writers that were all University of Texas fans! What are the odds? It was a very tense situation when my cell phone went off and everyone started staring at me.
I then found Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata,as a ringtone, but I could barely hear it, and missed more calls than I can even count. I started to think that I had been ripped off, until I realized that I just couldn’t hear it when it went off.
Ringtones for cell phones can be a lot of fun to pick out, but you really have to find one that is appropriate for you and your job. I went through several of them before I finally found one that worked for me that I could feel comfortable with in any situation. It was the ringtone that played when I first bought the cell phone, which basically sounds like a phone ringing.

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Making Phone Calls over Internet Connections.

With the advent of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Providers), you can now make phone calls over internet connections that sound just as good as if you were using your regular house phone and often even better. Due to the proliferation of fiber optic cables, satellite service and digital broadband access to high-speed internet service around the world, it is now possible to make quality phone calls over internet services such as Skype, Vonage, or several others that are just now entering the marketplace.

Using Skype is simple and you need to first download the software from their web page at Once you have downloaded the software on your computer you just need to purchase a USB headset. You can get one of these pretty cheap at Radio Shack or Best Buy. One of the most reliable brands is Plantronics, but just about any of the $20 to $40 models serve just as well. Most have two foam padded speakers for listening that cover the ears and a band that goes over your head, along with a microphone that sticks out and is adjustable for talking into.

Make sure that the wire that connects to your USB input on your computer has a mute switch on it. Once you have these items you are ready to make calls.

Calls from one Skype user to another Skype user are free of charge, no matter where the two users are in the world. You can be calling from Costa Rica to Sweden and as long as both users are using their Skype software, then the call is free and they can talk as long as they want with no charges. If you are using Skype to call a phone number that is not a Skype number, for example if you are using Skype to call a friend’s cell phone in another country, that is alright also, but will cost you a bit. In order to do this you will need to go to the Skype website and purchase what are called Skype Out Credits. You can buy these in increments of $10 or $25 and then you can call anyone in the world. Rates to each country are shown when you attempt to place a call. Calls to a Nicaragua cell phone, for instance, cost 22 cents per minute and less for a house phone. This is a really low rate compared to buying a prepaid calling card, which normally run for $5 and give you only 20 minutes of talking time and are very unreliable as far as getting connected.

Call quality on Skype is usually excellent and really makes it easy to make phone calls over internet connections that are high speed. Skype does not really work on low speed connections such as dial-up. You really need to have some bandwidth and high speed cable, DSL, or satellite service in order to have a reasonable sounding call. After every call you make, Skype will ask you to rate the service by filling out a small survey which appears as an annoying pop-up window.

Skype and Vonage both work the same basic way and you can easily make phone calls over internet services with both of these great systems.

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You may be amazed at what or who you can find on the Internet if you just know where to look. You can find information that you may have normally had to have gone to the library to look up, and even then, you may not have found what you were looking for. Today, you can find it in seconds. If you are looking for a person or information on a person, you may want to see what you can come up with when you use people search engines. These are not just search engines either, as there are plenty of places you can search out someone.

There are people search engines out there made specifically for finding people you have lost touch with, never got to meet, or even people that may be hiding from you. You have your own reasons for finding someone. Some of these search engines use to be something else, and have evolved into the people search because this type of search is one of the most popular and most often run searches done online each day. Put what you know about someone into such a search and then see if you come up on a match.

You do not have to go to an official people search engine to find people online. You can use the social networks like FaceBook that you may already use every single day. This is a great way to search for people. Many have found long lost classmates, roommates, relatives, coworkers, and friends that they lost touch with years ago. They also have found potential friends this way. Perhaps you meet someone but don’t have a lot of time to connect. You can usually find them this way. If you don’t want to ‘friend’ someone through a social network, you still have the option of sending them a message.

Classmate reunion sites are great as people search engines if you want to school with someone, but they can also be used to find almost anyone else. If you know where someone went to school and around the time they would have graduated, you can see if you can find them. You are not limited to your own school when searching. People move around a lot, so perhaps you knew someone in tenth grade but then they moved away. You can find them through such sites if they too are signed up. These can be fun. Even if you are not looking for someone, someone could be looking for you.

You are not always going to find who you are searching for through people search engines. If you are coming up blank, you don’t have to give up. You can keep searching, or perhaps you want to come back a few months or even a few years down the road. The reach of the Internet is bigger than ever, and people who never would have thought of being online are signing up for these sites today. Someone may pop up, so don’t give up right away. You may find them through people search engines later on.

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Today, everything is about convenience. People want to accomplish objectives efficiently, effectively and, above all, with little to no effort. With this mindset dominating the public, it is not surprising that the long cultured art of courting has moved to the digital sphere with dating sites. Dating sites, or websites developed to aid in finding your perfect match, are increasingly popular and accepted. However, what are you going to get when you log on to one of these dating sites? Reviews are mixed at best.

First, you should know that your initial results will likely be far from a fairytale ending. Dating sites usually make you take some kind of personality and lifestyle assessment in order to come up with your ideal ìmatches.î Some of these assessments are rather generic, so your matches will be far from tailored or vetted. Prepare to be matched with someone twenty years your senior whose only common trait is a love of Chinese food.

Other dating sites force you to take very specific and probing assessments. The result? You may get rejected! These dating sites only accept what they deem as healthy, happy, stable people as candidates, which is far from fun for our mostly neurotic population. Even if you are accepted, you may not have a match within two hundred miles. Makes dating a little more difficult, doesn’t it?

Dating sites
also charge monthly fees. On top of having to pay for internet access, a decent computer and a digital camera to get your picture on the web, you’ll have to pay what is sometimes
$20 a month to get your information out there. When you add all this into the cost of the actual preparation and dates you go on, it makes dating a much more costly affair than it needs to be.

Another problem with dating sites is that their matches are largely based on what you THINK you want. While some people are enlightened enough to know exactly what they are looking for, the majority of us only delude ourselves into thinking we know. Part of the dating process is trial and error, and dating sites will usually match you with a number of the same kinds of people, which theoretically can become the equivalent of banging your head against a brick wall.

That does not mean that dating sites cannot be helpful. There are plenty of stories out there about people finding the love of their lives online. It can also be useful to check out a dating site if you’re just getting back into dating. However, as with almost all online offers, it is important that buyer beware. A healthy dose of skepticism can be your best friend.

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What to do With Your Photoshop Free Download?

Once you go to a torrent site and pick up your free (but illegal) copy of Photoshop CS what should you do next? You will have no tutorial so you will try and wing it, but unless you have worked in Photoshop before, this will be no easy task. Photoshop is not as intuitive as other, easier to use photo manipulation software such as the free ones that you can get online, or ones that come bundled with most computers such as Corel, for example.

Your Photoshop free download will be no walk in the park but it does not have to be completely incomprehensible and you can learn how to use Photoshop CS, you just need the right direction and some patience.

The best way to learn Photoshop is to take a hands-on course at a local art school such as the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  There you can really use all of the tools in your Photoshop free download to their best advantage because you will be getting one on one live instruction and this is by far the best method of learning. It is also prohibitively expensive at $750 per unit so unless you have a rich uncle or have somehow managed to get financial aid or some sort of Pell grant, you may not be able to afford this option.

Option number two to finally use your Photoshop free download and all the bells and whistles it comes with is to pick up one of the many useful tutorial books that you can find at any bookshop. Books such as Photoshop CS for Idiots or Dummies (although that is a derogatory term and I prefer to think of myself as Special) will take you step by tedious step into the world of photo collage, retouching, design, and all the other tens of millions of fun and beautiful things you can create with Photoshop. That is why Photoshop and your Photoshop free download are so darn valuable. They smoke the competition (there isnít any really) and you just have to have Photoshop in order to design anything these days. These books are not too expensive and usually come with tutorial disks.

The last option is by far the cheapest but also the hardest to use and that is an online tutorial or learning guide to your Photoshop free download. You can get these by doing a Google search for ìPhotoshop free online tutorialî and you will get dozens of results.Just make sure that you are careful and screen for viruses on your Photoshop free download before you click on it. There are several Trojan viruses out there that originate from these downloads and they can be very nasty and hard to get rid of.

So go ahead and download then get ready to enjoy the world of Photoshop.

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