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Computer hardware storage

Computer hardware storage basically refers to the hard drive that is connected to the computer system. This is the main storage area of the computer and where all programs, files and the operating system run from. In recent years, partly due to an influx of content on the internet in addition to the increase of high-definition, which in my opinion account for the great need of memory, hard drives now come in capacities ranging from 160GB, on the low-end to terabyte ranges. Terabyte computer hardware storage is a memory capacity that is over 1,000 megabytes. Can you imagine the amount of content you can have on such a hard drive? Well believe it or not, these memory capacities are becoming an everyday norm. If you donít have one right now, believe me you, in a few years, you will have a couple of teras on your system.

The physical size of the hard drive however has not changed despite the high capacities that can be seen today. On the contrary, the drives have shrunk, thanks to the consumer need for miniaturized gadgets. We all want large capacities that one can carry around, it at all necessary anyway. Of course, this does not come cheap, the large the capacity, the more you will have to pay for it. When you are purchasing a hard drive, consider your future needs. In most cases, the size of your hard drive will be insufficient in a few years if not months. So try to see if you can get the largest capacities within your budget.

Today, computer hardware storage need not be physically located on your system. You have probably heard of cloud computing and terms related to that. If not, then sooner or later you will because that could well prove to be the future of data storage, in my opinion. Many companies have already implemented online storage solutions that are meant to cut back on expenses. Consumer services that are cheap and affordable like EMC Mozy and iBackup are a consumer-driven IT phenomenon that has even some corporates riding on. The truth is that online storage is picking up and will likely continue to do that. When computer hardware storage is immobile, many opt to have their documents, files and anything that can be digitized online. The ease of accessing this information from anywhere in the world does not need to be over-emphasized. Online storage is big, and will get bigger. Donít be left behind, ride the wave.

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Computer hardware security

Physical information security deals with physically protecting data. Generally, many companies and organizations as well as individuals place great importance in protecting data by use of a software or via a network. Unfortunately, physical attacks to acquire data are common and are sometimes classified as social engineering attacks. The need to protect information cannot be overemphasized, financial, competition, privacy reasons are among the many reasons behind it. Computer hackers, corporate spies and other malicious individuals will however spare no expense if the information is going to benefit them in some way.

Well, enough of talking about the need for protection. Letís talk about solutions to these problems. What can you do in computer hardware security to ensure that your data and information is well protected? One is to purchase and install a firewall security appliance. Physical firewalls offer protection from spam mail, spyware and central policy management that makes the entire process easy.  A hardware firewall is positioned between the computer and the modem. Some routers also have an inbuilt firewall and can be used to offer protection to multiple computers on a network.  Hardware based firewalls have the advantage of having their own operating system running independent of the computer operating system, thus offering an additional line of defense should the computerís operating system and security settings be compromised.

Computer hardware security by use of devices called dongles is also considered more secure than implementing a purely software-based security option. For dongles to be compromised, physical access is required, thus they offer one of the best protections. Another advantage of using hardware devices like dongles is the fact that read and write access to data is usually very difficult if not impossible. Unauthorized access and tampering is very strictly prohibited thus offering a high level of protection.

Computer hardware security also has the advantage of sometimes requiring a user to log in, log out and set other privilege levels only on a manual level. Sometimes, this access is only permitted by use of biometric technology. Sometimes this access is permitted based on the current state of the userís hard disk and DVD controller.  This high level of protection in computer hardware security offers protection that software cannot override.

Computer hardware security can offer high level protection when well implemented and when combined with a software component. However, no system is full proof. You can be sure however that with computer hardware security, your data just got a little more safety.

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